Design and Conquer - Painting in Perth

Creating space and personality in a house can be as simple as getting the colour scheme right. Opening up smaller rooms with light colours and closing off long rooms with a dark feature wall are just some of the many tricks that can be used to create a different perception.


On this house in Greenwood, Perth, we used light colours to give an open and spacious feeling. It helped the smaller rooms to appear larger, and really gave the impression of a bigger house throughout.


For the theater room we went with a black ceiling and dark grey/charcoal walls to really close in that space and give the feeling of a home cinema. The effect was great and turned out to be a highlight of the job.


Colours used on this job:

  • Ceilings - WA White

  • Theater Ceiling - Solver Black

  • Walls - Whisper White

  • Theater Walls - Raku

  • Doors, Door Frames - WA White

  • Theater Doors, Frames - Raku

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